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Introducing kid friendly

Homeschool Helper

A meal kit that kids can prepare themselves

What is Homeschool Helper

Life has gotten a little bit busier and so have parents. Southern Luncheons introduces a great way to keep the pace going and serve healthy, tasty meals. Homeschool Helper is a meal kit designed just for kids. It includes a main dish, veggie, dessert, and drink and can be ordered for breakfast lunch or dinner. 

What's in your box

Choosing your Homeschool Helper contents is easy. Simply choose what you want for your meal times and we load up your box and ship it out to you. Your box contains your chosen meals with preparation instructions. It's an easy fix for kids because they can simply pop it into the microwave and go. It's kids meals the way a southern grandma would make it. 

Prepare your dish or meal

Once you receive your Homeschool Helper simply read the prep instructions and enjoy. It's a full meal that is sure to satisfy. Taking the load of the busy, working parents, and ensuring an amazing. always tasty treat for all ages.

What's in your box?

Grandma's amazing southern recipes




Recipe ingredients carefully packed for freshness







Cooling pack and insulation

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